Soft, firm or VERY firm?

You need to work out exactly how firm your ideal comfort level is. Mattress firmness preference is a matter of personal taste influenced by body shape, weight and sleeping habits.

In an ideal world, your mattress should mould to the shape of your body while staying nice and supportive. When you lie on your side, for example, your spine should be horizontal and you should be able to turn easily. Time to make like Goldilocks and find one that’s just right...

Take a look at how your spine aligns differently depending on mattress firmness:

Too soft

Your body is slouched, throwing the spine out of line. Not great.

Too hard

Your body is too tense, putting unnecessary pressure on your body that makes you toss and turn. Also not great.

Just right

Your body is supported and the mattress aligns to its profile, keeping your spine nice and straight. Good job.

Most mattresses are available in REGULAR, FIRM, or EXTRA FIRM. Think about your spine while choosing and, more importantly, what position you tend to sleep at night…

It's the inside that counts

Mattress filling always settles and compresses over the first few months after purchase.
Turning the mattress occasionally will help even it out.

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Your perfect bed

If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s a bed. Good sleeping habits are key in taking care of your posture and all aspects of your ongoing physical health so it’s worth getting right.

Size does matter

Let’s start with the easy bit. How big is your room? How big a bed do you need? Is it for you? And someone else? And the kids? Or the dog? While most of our beds require some very easy self-assembly so can fit up most staircases, remember to measure up carefully.

Just your type

Before you buy, consider the size and shape of your room and where the bed’s going to go. If you’ve got a small flat, you might want to go for one that offers a clever bit of storage.

Styles of bed

This is the fun bit. Choosing what kind of bed you want depends on what kind of space it’s going in. What are you into? Traditional and classic? Quirky and contemporary? It’s up to you.

As a back sleeper, you need more support than, say, a side sleeper. Memory foam is a great choice for you, but it’s wise to look for a model that’s medium firm or slightly more plush than most.

We recommend these mattresses for back sleepers:

If you generally sleep on your side, it’s worth looking into medium to soft memory foam or sprung mattresses specifically designed to support hips, shoulders and to a certain degree the spine.

We recommend these mattresses for side sleepers: